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Our VIP Package is our best offer. You’ll receive all of this for being a VIP:


  • Three Add-On Service credits to redeem for add-on services of your choice
  • Extended stability and memory test: we ensure that your new machine is stable and ready to use, with no errors, crashing, or power draw issues. We use an open-source number generation utility to test your system’s stability and memory using more time-intensive testing.
  • BIOS fan curve tuning: we ensure that all fans are using a positive-pressure fan curve on average in order to protect your machine from dust and debris while providing optimal cooling.
  • Upgraded cord routing and connections: we use a movement-proof connection technique for your cord connections, which helps to prevent loosening during transport. We also employ a removable and reusable cord organization binder, increasing convenience during future upgrades, cleaning, or repairs, and improving the aesthetic appearance of the build.
  • Extended benchmarking: we assess key indicators of your PC’s performance using industry-leading open source benchmarking software. You’ll receive a detailed benchmark report to keep for reference or share with friends.
  • In-Depth GPU Benchmarking: we perform detailed assessments of your GPU’s performance using industry-leading software and produce an in-depth benchmark report to keep for reference or share with friends.
  • Build and showcase photos: are you curious to see what your PC looked like while it was being built? We take a series of high-resolution photos during the build to show the process. When the build is complete, we take a series of final photos showcasing your machine in all of its glory, perfect for sharing with friends or posting on social media. Optionally, specify your desired aspect ratio.
  • Emergency maintenance call: includes one redemption of emergency maintenance work. We travel to your location within the Twin Cities, MN area to diagnose and repair an unexpected computer issue.*
  • Next-available scheduling: this means receiving your completed build within 72 hours of final payment.**

In addition, all Roxolotl PC Build Packages include:


  • A Component Consult: our technician will learn about your specific needs and choose the best components for you, comparing specs, pricing, aesthetic, and more to meet your target budget and goals. We carefully match our components to ensure compatibility, reliability, and high performance, resulting in a fully custom computer built just for you.
  • Installation of operating system and drivers: we take care of time-consuming installations of drivers for your printer, graphics card, network cards, and similar devices. You’ll be able to use your new PC faster, without waiting for endless installs.
  • Cooling & Temp Test: We perform a stress test of your new computer’s cooling system using an open-source number generation utility. This ensures that the cooling system is adequate for the PC through full utilization, protecting against overheating.
  • 90-Day Build Quality Guarantee: We stand by the quality of our builds, and we’re confident you’ll love our work. But if anything were to go wrong, we offer a 90-day guarantee on key aspects of a quality build. If you notice any issues with your new PC build, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will make it right.


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PC Build Package: VIP
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