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Frequently Asked Questions

We work to reduce your cost in as many ways as possible, including:


  • Avoiding the costly markups of big box stores
  • Allocating your budget well by investing in the right components
  • Incorporating tested, pre-owned components, if requested 
  • Identifying free & open source alternatives to expensive software
  • Using simple, subscription-free pricing where you choose only the services you need and pay a one-time amount
  •  Offering custom bundles that allow you to mix and match multiple services for a discount
  • Preventing potential future maintenance costs with quality workmanship and post-build testing
Our hope is that you’ll receive more value for your cost than anywhere else. 
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We stand by the quality of our builds, and we’re confident you’ll love our work. But if anything were to go wrong, we offer a 90-day guarantee on key aspects of a quality build:

  • Drivers
  • Connections
  • Component compatibility
  • BIOS Firmware
  • Fan curve
If you notice any issues with your new PC build, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will make it right.
We offer custom build-your-own PC kits, where we assist in selecting components and assemble everything you need into one take-home kit. Kits also come with a free trouble call if you get stuck during your build.

We also offer a simple component consult-only option, for those who would only like assistance choosing parts, ensuring compatibility, and allocating budget.

Lastly, we offer virtual lessons and walkthroughs upon request, which may come in handy for DIY projects.
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