What are your technology goals?

Supercharge your PC setup with custom builds and tech services tuned to your purpose, budget, and style. See what's possible with a custom-built computer, personalized technical support, and much more.

In-person tech services and delivery available in the Twin Cities, MN.


how we're different

We do more than just assembling your PC. We assess your unique goals, needs, and budget to create a build tailored for you. Next, we perform extensive quality checks to ensure that your PC will be ready to use and is functioning well. Finally, we personally deliver your PC to your home or business within the Twin Cities, MN area, requiring an ID and signature upon delivery for your security.

Cost Reduction

We find ways to help reduce your cost, from offering refurbished components, to bypassing markups and commission, to maximizing your budget with smart component choices that fit YOUR purposes. Our goal is always to get you the deal possible and make your budget go the furthest.​

secure home delivery

Within the Twin Cities, MN area, we come to you. We personally drop off any deliveries and require an ID and signature for your security. There's no need to worry about transportation, a busy storefront, or a package being lost, damaged, or stolen.

Free Consultations

We listen carefully to your needs, lifestyle, aesthetics, tech goals, and target budget to select the best options for you, every time. Let's start a conversation about how to improve your PC setup, boost your small business, power your content creation, and meet your technology goals.

Open-Source Friendly

We love free and open-source software, and we're happy to install and configure a variety of Linux operating systems and applications for you. You can reduce your cost for software, enhance your privacy and security, transition seamlessly from home to business, and so much more.

All we think about is how to build you a better PC.

ROXOLOTL TECHNOLOGY was started by a queer couple, Reilly and Alyssea. Reilly discovered a love for PC hardware repair after unexpectedly losing a motherboard during the Covid-19 pandemic. Rather than pay an arm and a leg and wait through a multi-week waiting list to have the computer repaired elsewhere, she decided to learn to do the repair herself.

Now, we have an obsession with computers and technology. These are the questions that keep us up at night: How can we build the most powerful, coolest PC that we can, for any purpose or budget? For any gamer, student, or worker? How can we make the technology space more comfortable for beginners?

That's where you come in.

With Roxolotl, every computer build and tech service is tailored to your needs. Our goal is to build a PC you LOVE that is 100% custom-built, from the components, to the aesthetic, to the operating system and software. We offer tech service packages and add-ons to help optimize your digital set-up, so you get exactly what you need. And, since we're a small, family-owned company, you never have to suffer unneeded markups, pushy salespeople on commission, or long waiting lists. In fact, we take multiple measures to reduce your cost and maximize your budget.

We know that computers are at the core of our lives. That's why we pride ourselves on our dedication to building you a better PC.



Custom PC builds

From $180

Our technician will learn about your specific needs and choose the best components for you, carefully comparing specs, pricing, aesthetic, and more to meet your target budget and goals, resulting in fully custom PC that is tailored to you.

PC Cleaning

From $99

Banish dust and increase airflow with our comprehensive PC cleaning service. Sonic cleaning, industrial blowing, and hand-detailing will have your machine looking and performing at its best. 

Diagnosis & repair

Consult for pricing

Reach out about a technology issue and we’ll let you know if we can fix it, whether you’re looking for software troubleshooting, hardware replacement, Linux support, or a miscellaneous problem. We would love to help get your setup functioning at its peak. 


Our Values

Our goal is for everyone to feel welcome in the tech space and empowered to meet their technology goals, from beginners to enthusiasts. We believe in quality work, respect for privacy and security, a love of learning, and the power of technology to change our lives.

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