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Help your business grow with fast, reliable PCs, printers, monitors, and more. We offer a broad selection of tech services for small businesses and start-ups designed to optimize your set-up and help you succeed. Whether your current system could use an upgrade, or you’re starting a new business from scratch, we’re here to banish your stress about technology. 

In-person services and delivery available in the Twin Cities, MN. 

We do Tech Help Differently

Your Success Is Our Motivation

We're here to provide more than just a solution to a tech issue--we want more than that for you. We want to see your business succeed, utilizing a perfect combination of hardware and software. Let us help you:

We Want To End Your Stress About Technology

The less time and energy you spend worrying about your business tech, the more you'll have to run your business. Tell us what help you need with technology for your business, and we will create a quote for a custom package designed to help you succeed.

Services To Help Your Business Succeed

If you don’t see a service that your business needs, contact us below to schedule a free consultation!

Custom Workstations

Let us design and build the optimal PC for the needs of your business. We carefully assess your needs and purposes to determine the most powerful hardware components available in your price range, resulting in fast, reliable business computers.

Diagnosis & Repair

Whether your business computer is showing errors, making sounds, not booting correctly, or just working slowly, we can diagnose the issue and provide an estimate for repair. We then provide fast and budget-friendly hardware repair and software troubleshooting resolution.

Website Frame & Domain Set-Up

If you need a new business website, we can assist with setting up your new, custom domain name. We then  deploy a modern, fillable design template, ready for you to  customize with your content using a simple drag-and-drop builder. 


Installations & Updates

We can take care of pesky, tedious software installations and updates on one or a group of computers, such as operating systems, driver updates, and more. We can also configure or update user access control, creating a hierarchy of access for your company data.

Open-Source support available!

Data Cleaning, Compiling & Analysis

Gain valuable business insights that guide direct action to improve your key metrics. We compile, clean, and aggregate your business data from multiple sources and formats to identify trends and assess performance in various areas. We can also identify methods of data gathering, best practices for data management and storage, and more. Based on your needs, you’ll receive weekly, quarterly, or annual reports, cross-year comparisons, charts and graphs, along with descriptive statistics and actionable conclusions. 

Intranet Resource Hub Deployment

Avoid costly subscription fees for other intranet services–we can build an internal resource page for your business using an inexpensive, hardware-based alternative. Store links, announcements, news, and more for your staff with this cost-effective solution using a small, secure server accessible only on a local network.  For added security, this page can be password-protected to keep your employee information safe from theft. Multiple configurations are available for further customization.

Printer Set-Up & Support

When printers stop working, offices stop working. We can handle the hassle of setting up your printer, installing ink cartridges, connecting with the network and workstation, interpreting error codes, and troubleshooting paper jams.

Custom Branded Computer Decals

We apply custom vinyl decals in a color of choice to your computers or other equipment. Make your workstations stand out with your logo, or deter theft by marking machines clearly as company devices. Available in permanent or removable designs. 

Data Recovery

We use industry-standard data recovery & forensic software to recover data lost due to human error, system failure, data corruption, or other unexpected circumstances. We deploy a highly successful software suite used by law enforcement, national security, and others when critical data is compromised.

Drive Wipes

Before getting rid of an old computer, ensure that your sensitive company data is thoroughly erased and unrecoverable. We use industry-standard data destruction software to shred one or more hard drives, providing you with a completely blank computer that is ready to be sold or disposed of. We offer an optional certificate of destruction upon erasure. 

Central File Share

Facilitate collaboration, share resources, and access data backups on a local network. We configure a File Share that stores information, receives automated backups, protects against unauthorized network, and is accessible only on-site. Best of all, this service is available without subscription costs thanks to free and open source software.

Custom Database Creation

Track inventory, sales data, employee information, vendors, customer contacts, or almost any other data with a custom Microsoft Access, open source or SQL database. We determine an optimal database structure, perform careful data entry and organization, build a custom front end, set automated deletion to match data retention rules, write code to control data quality, and build out custom reports that allow you to filter and track information with ease. We then install the new database on your workstations and ensure that it’s ready to use. 

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